This Barber Gives Homeless People Free Haircuts And The Transformations Are Legit Amazing

The amount of homeless people in America increases each day. The situation is severe but instead of trying to remedy the problem, many cities hide their homeless populations. Hollywood tends to glamorize the situation and some law makers in US cities with high homelessness rates simply refuse to acknowledge it.

Though usually vapid and self-serving, the rise of social media has actually positively impacted the homeless phenomenon. Folks who are usually overlooked and shamed have been given a face on the Internet. Their ingenuity and creativity when it comes to securing lodging and food can be celebrated instead of ridiculed by those who can't imagine what life on the streets might be like. Individuals who prioritize helping those in need now have a way to spread the word about their cause because of social media.

Barber Joshua Coombes is one of those individuals. He has been giving haircuts to the homeless all around the world and documenting his work on Instagram. Coombes never asks for anything in return, either. He believes that it is simply his mission to give back and raise awareness when he can. The man is truly talented, too. He shaves beards, invigorates limp locks, and even cuts bangs for women when the need arises. The transformations that he performs are seriously amazing. Take a look at his work below and if you feel inspired to share them please do so with the hashtag #dosomethingfornothing perhaps Coombes's mantra will inspire the next social media aficionado to use his or her post for good.