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Barbershop: The Next Cut Movie Quotes

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Barbershop: The Next Cut movie quotes bring a new installment of the popular comedy film series which started in 2002 with the original Barbershop film. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, the movie was written by Kenya Barris and Tracy Oliver. With many of the original cast members returning, Barbershop: The Next Cut opened in theaters on April 15, 2016.

In Barbershop: The Next Cut, 10 years have passed since the last time viewers saw the crew at Calvin's barbershop, including owner Calvin (Ice Cube), J.D. (Anthony Anderson), Terri (Eve) and quirky old man Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer). In the time since, Calvin has merged his shop with Angie's (Regina Hall) beauty shop so each of them can save money in a down economy. They've even added some new folks to the family, such as Draya (Nicki Minaj) and Rashad (Common).

So when their neighborhood begins to be taken over by crime and gangs, the barbershop team takes it upon themselves to do something about it. As they fight to take back the area where they call home, their neighborhood, the laughs surely follow.

Barbershop: The Next Cut opens in theaters already showing other great films including The Jungle Book, Demolition, The Boss, and Hardcore Henry.
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    Welcome to Calvin's

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    Calvin: This is the town I love, a neighborhood of family and friends, and right here at the heart of it all is where everyone comes together, the barbershop. Welcome to Calvin's. If you like it, you pay. If you don't like it, your ass pay anyway. In every neighborhood there's a place where people get together to talk about their dreams, to share their frustrations, and maybe even tell a joke or two. It's a home away from home and these aren't just friends, they're family.

    Calvin explains his life, his neighborhood and his business, the local barbershop. At the same time, he explains the plot of the film.
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    We Gotta Take Our Streets Back

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    Rashad: We gotta take our streets back.
    Eddie: We'll never give up. Your father would be proud of everything that's going on here.
    Jerrod: Hashtag barbershop saves the neighborhood is trending on Twitter.
    Blonde Girl: Can I get a selfie with you?
    One-Stop: What the white girls want, they lost? Do you tell them you was awesome? White people love it when you go, awe-some.

    The Barbershop folks discuss their efforts to take back their neighborhood. They seem to be doing quite well, especially as they have some interesting new visitors.
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    Only One Man You Can Trust

    Angie: Only one man you can trust and that's the one above.
    Calvin: Each one of you want a man that's a super thug, three degrees from Harvard, meanwhile you pass up corny dudes like Jerrod everyday.
    Dante: Don't no woman want no Duncan Hines moist-ass dude like Jerrod.
    Jerrod: Guys, I'm standing right here. I can hear you.

    The men and women spar about what they want in a partner. For Angie, she complains about not trusting men but as Calvin points out, sometimes her demands are a bit too much.
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    Streets is Crazy Right Now

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    Dante: Streets is crazy right now!
    Calvin: I damn near got robbed the other day.
    Dante: I got robbed twice and got my ass beat by the second robber for giving all my money to the first. She wasn't playing.
    Calvin: This neighborhood is always rough but there's something different going on. Meanwhile, we got to raise Jalen in this mess.
    Rashad: We gotta take out streets back! We put our minds together, we gonna get some solutions.

    The barbershop folks discuss how their neighborhood has declined in safety and crime has increased. To save the neighborhood and return it to some place where they want to raise their kids, the barbershop folks take things into their own hands.
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