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20 Outrageous Barbie Outfits You Kind of Wish You Had

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What's better than playing with Barbie dolls? Dressing like Barbie dolls. Let's face it: your favorite part of having Barbies growing up was the hours you'd spend in the toy aisle deciding which outfit to pick, when your parents said you could only have one. How were you supposed to decide?! Mattel made so many different kinds of sparkly, brightly colored, and often ridiculous looking Barbie clothes, you simply had to have them all.

You also probably wanted them in your size, and we aren't talking about My Size Barbie, here. Vote for the outfits on this list that you most wish you could wear right now. Whether for a fabulous gala or tomorrow morning's Zumba class, there's an insane gown or hot pair of leg warmers that it's almost criminal only Barbie can wear.

Few toys have the enviable style sense of the Barbie doll, and some of her looks you simply have to have. And when you're done checking out these fab outfits, be sure to check out our list of the most expensive Barbie dolls in the world

  • 1. This Chic Trench

    Photo: Barbie / Mattel
    Want it in your closet?
  • 2. This Demure Gown

    Photo: Barbie / Mattel
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  • 3. This Dramatic Cape

    Photo: Barbie / Mattel
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  • 4. This Lined Jacket

    Photo: Barbie / Mattel
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