True crime Video Shows Man Climb Through Drive-Thru Window, Attack Barista  

Mick Jacobs

Drive-thru windows make the fast food experience much easier, but it adds an additional danger to the workers who lie on the other side of it. Warning: the footage seen below can be upsetting to some. 

In the early morning, a barista at Hottie Shots coffeeshop in Kent, Washington, went about making a drink for a customer. While her back is turned away from the drive-through window, the customer opens it further and climbs inside.

It makes for an upsetting sight, as well as a disturbing reminder of how vulnerable service workers are to hostile customers. Thankfully, the barista received help when a bystander intervened.

That being said, the video below shows one can never be too vigilant, even at work. The next time you pull up to a drive-thru window, think about all those employees do to give you a good meal, and maybe chill out when they give you three BBQ sauces instead of four.