Small Details About Barney Stinson That Are Legen - Wait For It - Dary

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Love him or hate him, professional playboy and "best" best friend Barnabus "Barney" Stinson has carved a place for himself in television history. Over the years, the How I Met Your Mother character introduced audiences to comedy concepts such as the Crazy-Hot Scale, the Playbook, the Awesome Idea Exchange, and the Perfect Week, just to name a few. 

Here are a few small details, awesome facts, and fantastic finds fans of Barney have shared over the years. Vote up the small details that are nothing short of legen - wait for it - dary. 

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    One Of His Theories Is The Subject Of A Very Real Scientific Study

    One Of His Theories Is The Subject Of A Very Real Scientific Study
    Photo: CBS

    Barney Stinson's Cheerleader Effect:

    The cheerleader effect is when a group of women seems hot, but only as a group. Just like with cheerleaders. They seem hot, but take each one individually: Sled dogs.

    Posted by u/MrFlow:

    The "Cheerleader Effect" (people look more attractive when they're in a group than when they're alone) coined by Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother has been the subject of a scientific study which confirmed the theory.

    Posted by u/SunsetRoute1970:

    There's another definition of "The Cheerleader Effect," that comes from the rank and file of psychiatric nursing. It refers to the fact that some people (honestly, it applies mostly to women and effeminate gay men) struggle to "continue to look their best" when they are experiencing acute depression and suicidal thoughts. I was an adolescent psychiatric nurse for twenty years. We would get these girls who looked like they stepped straight out of Seventeen magazine or Cosmo, not a hair out of place, make-up perfect, a kilowatt smile, and they were suicidal as hell. You had to watch them like a hawk.

    The "cheerleader" reference relates to "the worse the team is doing, the harder the cheerleaders cheer."

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    He Plays To Win

    He Plays To Win
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    Posted by u/GreenLukas:

    In "Murtaugh" (Season 4,  Episode 10), all the high scores in the background are from Barney Stinson.

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    His Apartment Is Decorated To Match His Suits

    His Apartment Is Decorated To Match His Suits
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    Posted by u/Aditya2229:

    Not gonna lie but Barney's apartment is such a good display of color use to display character.

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    Suit Up!

    Suit Up!
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    In the episode "Murtaugh," Barney's commitment to wearing a tie extends to his rave gear. 

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    He Can Be Others People's Baggage

    He Can Be Others People's Baggage
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    Posted by u/somethingmongoose:

    Season 05, Episode 23, "The Wedding Bride"  -Several women in the scene with baggage have "Slept with Barney" on their bags.

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    He's A Sucker For A Good Surprise

    He's A Sucker For A Good Surprise
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    Posted by u/revenger2112:

    In Season 9, Episode 12, this sign, which appears for a couple seconds, foreshadows Barney's plan to surprise Robin.

    Posted by u/SteveBorden:

    In the episode, Barney tricks Robin into thinking he’s missing the rehearsal dinner for laser tag, commonly what he’s obsessed with.

    In actuality he’s doing it to distract her while everyone helps him plan a rehearsal dinner at the ice rink filled with a bunch of Canadian stuff for her, which he reveals later.

    You can see that underneath the laser tag sign it says "Ice Rink," which is a hint at the reveal later on in the episode.

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