15 Bartenders Share Their Worst Customer Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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If you've never worked as a bartender you might see it as a pretty cool job. You get to meet people, mix drinks, and hang out at the bar. But the reality is that just like any other customer service role, bartenders get more than their fair share of terrible customers. Hopefully, these bartender horror stories will help you learn what not to do at the bar.

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    A Girl Broke A Glass And Tried To Walk Through The Mess Barefoot

    From Redditor u/Boneyardtrain:

    I used to work at a craft beer bar downtown that had like 40 local beers on tap. Google had apparently had their holiday party one night and showed up LITERALLY 200 DEEP with no notice at all. There were four of us, bartenders, on since the bar is pretty big, but we were still absolutely swamped. Almost no one tipped us or tipped very little, most were rude, waving money, yelling at us, etc., and they all stayed until closing. Someone from their group threw up in a corner of a door by the bathroom. Some chick broke a glass and took off her shoes and tried to walk through the glass. Horrible. Just f*cking horrible.

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    A Man Punched Through The Window And Lost Use Of His Arm

    From Redditor u/kj3ll:

    It was a busy Friday and a guy was going around making clumsy passes at every woman in the bar. Me and a bouncer walk up to him and inform him that it is time to leave. He agrees and walks outside of the bar. We asked him if he needed a cab; he said no and walked across the street to the 7-Eleven. Fast forward about 20 minutes, I hear a loud noise and look to the front door and the dude has punched through the window. The window didn't shatter; he punched a nice round hole through it and had his arm up to the shoulder in the hole. He pulled his arm out and in the process he cut all of the tendons and arteries in his armpit. Thank god one of the bouncers was in school to be a paramedic. Tied the arm off, called an ambulance and they took him away. He came back a couple months later and informed us that he had lost the use of the arm and may never regain any functionality. He thanked the bouncer, and then wrote a cheque for the window. That's the worst thing I've seen working in the industry, but I've got plenty more.

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    A Drunk Customer Almost Picked Up The Bartender In An Uber

    From Redditor u/theknightthatsmiled:

    I have a fellow bartender friend that works at a high-end cocktail bar. He had a customer come in and have about half a dozen strong whiskey drinks. The customer began to show signs of heavy intoxication. Service was stopped, gave the guy water, called him a cab and that was that.

    My friend gets off and comes to my bar to have a couple of drinks. Stays for an hour and calls an Uber. The Uber comes, and the driver is the guy he cut off 90 minutes ago! He said the car reeked of alcohol.

    He recognizes my friend and speeds off! He’s left absolutely speechless that this guy thought he could safely drive people around.

    We email Uber the story and the info that was left on his app. No response.

    Cops take info, but he never hear anything about it. Scary stuff.

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    A Girl Screamed For Attention On The Busiest Night Of The Year 

    From Redditor u/unifartcorn:

    Thanksgiving eve night. Hell night, every trash human comes out. The place I work has live music, this night we got the best of the best, and are super loud. Also, I work in a town where we have 20 bars on one block so everyone comes out to there. Our wine glasses hang from metal racks upside down and from the ceiling on both ends of the bar. Now that you have a visual picture... the music is so loud two glasses fall and smash into the ice bin. I tell my barback, he burns the bin and gets new ice, literally five minutes later, it happens again as I’m taking an order from someone. Glass smashes on the bar and into the ice bin. Literally had to stick my hands into the glass to prevent people from putting their hands in it because it’s so busy no one notices. So I cut my hands and am now out of ice again. And this girl who I was taking an order from doesn’t see what happens and literally is screaming at me because I’m “ignoring her” - the rest of the night was just as sh*tty but that was the lowest point of it.

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    A Bride-To-Be Made A Mess Of Herself In The Bathroom

    From Redditor u/geostigmatic:

    I worked at a sh*tty nightclub that hosted bachelorette parties on Saturday nights. The usual scenario would be three or four separate groups of drunk, screaming women being entertained by a troupe of the cheesiest male dancers you can imagine. Fun some nights, but mostly awful, especially if you weren't having a few cheeky drinks yourself.

    The most memorable of these shifts was the night a particularly classy bride-to-be (who had earlier collapsed onto a table, knocking it over and smashing about 15 champagne glasses) managed to pass out in the ladies bathroom (not in a cubicle), and make a mess all over herself.

    To her misfortune, most of her group of friends saw her in that state, as they all rushed in to make sure she was okay. The manager and a couple of floor staff were also witness to the happening.

    Unfortunately for him, the funniest part of the whole affair was seeing our magnificent bouncer (who had just arrived for his shift wearing a crisp, white shirt) have to carry her up the stairs.

    She was picked up by her fiance. What a start to the rest of your life.

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    A Man Tried To Leave Without Paying, Then Came Back To Yell At The Bartender

    From Redditor u/naughtydreams:

    I has this one really weird guy come into the bar one day, he was in a walker, but not particular old, something very off about him. He came and sat at the bar with a plastic bag with some stuff in it. The man ordered his drink and proceeded to demand things from me... calling out my name every chance he had. He was also changing from seat to seat, sitting at different tables (which was particularly annoying with his walker) and talking to customers, disturbing them. I told him he has to pick one seat and stop bothering others. At some point, he went to leave for a cigarette outside before paying his bill when I told him, he will have to settle his tab if he wants to leave the bar.

    [He] proceeded to fight with me about it, saying he left his plastic bag in the bar that had a brand-new phone in it. I told him that it doesn't matter and he then pulled out a huge wad of cash, only to make a point that he had money and gave me significantly less than his bill. When he finally agreed to settle the tab and came back in, I refused to serve him anymore. He then leaves and comes back with his girlfriend, who start[s] screaming at me for not serving him because he's a "respectable" customer with money. He finally leaves, and when cleaning the bar at the end of the night, my manager found his plastic bag, which contained a crappy old flip phone and a presumably used fleshlight.

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