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Bartenders Share Their Wildest Stories From Working During The Holiday Season

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It's the most wonderful time of the year - for everyone who doesn't have to work in the service industry on Christmas morning. Still, where would we be without those willing to brave the rush of Black Friday and the chaos of New Year's Eve in uniform?

One of these industries that definitely gets to see some wild things over the holidays is the bar and nightclub scene. People head over to celebrate with a drink that turns into two that turns into ten and a story to remember. So here are some wild bartender holiday stories to ring in the season - don't forget to vote up the wildest ones that might even make you need a drink of your own!

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    Seth Must Pay

    Posted by u/DontGuessWhereIWork:

    I now manage a bar right outside DC where I've bartended for at least five years...

    Our 18 year old, fresh-faced busser (still has braces) gets [intimate] in the bathroom at our closed holiday party with a 50-something semi-regular who somehow managed to get in. Three times in the next week, she comes in saying, "Seth owes me money." The last time she came in, she brought a dude who was obviously her pimp. Veiled threats ensue. I ban her the next time I see her.

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    Bar Fight Gets Bloody

    Posted by u/babooshkaa:

    We had a great New Year's Eve. It was about four mins to 2:00 am, almost closing time, and I see this little dude running towards the door yelling... Our bouncer stops him, and he is fighting to get away. I thought, WTF? But this guy had shoved a pint glass in another guy's face then took off. A PINT GLASS. There was blood EVERYWHERE. I had never seen so much blood. The [attacked] guy's wife was covered in blood...

    The guy eventually turned himself in. I mean, he was stupid for trying to run anyway. I had his credit card receipt with his name on it for the cops when they walked in. 

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    Small Talk With Patrons

    Posted by u/Irishdude1995:

    Me: "That's 21.30 please, pal."

    Customer: "21.30? You're having a f***ing laugh?"

    Me: "Gin and tonics are 7.10 each, and you ordered 3 gins and 3 tonics, I can take one of the tonics back if you'd like?"

    Customer: "Nope, I'll take them." Hands me the money "I hope you have a f***ing sh*t Christmas"

    Me: "Thanks very much, I probably will if I have to deal with the likes of you again."

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    A Little Off The Nose

    Posted by u/Chimichanga13:

    My uncle has been running the same bar for the past 30 years... One of my favorite stories was a few Christmas Eves ago, when my uncle and a few other of the bar patrons had to separate these two idiots while they were fist fighting over what was on TV. One person wanted to watch sports, and the other wanted to watch something else. While they were being pulled apart, they were still lunging for one another, and one of the guys managed to lunge far enough forward to literally bite the tip off the other guy's nose. They picked it up, put it on ice, and someone drove him to the ER. The other guy was never seen again, but the legend of the Lake Hopatcong nose-biter lives on.

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