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15 Bartenders Describe Their Worst Customer Ever

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If there’s a more thankless job than that of a bartender, we haven’t heard of it. You have to work terrible hours for bad money and you constantly run the risk of dealing with human nightmares who don’t know how to handle their alcohol. Bartender stories are some of the craziest anecdotes we've heard from any workplace. You get people acting on their basest instincts and in ways they would never normally act all in the name of having a good time. As you might be able to guess, a lot of these bar cut off stories involve drunks getting their lights punched out, screaming matches, and truly bizarre antics. Yeah, it’s safe to say that these bar stories are pretty intense. 

If you’ve ever been kicked out of a bar then you know how hard it is to actually get a bartender mad at you. One might say that you actually have to go out of your way to be 86’d. The people in these drunk stories definitely go above and beyond the call of duty on their mission to be tossed out of their local dives. Some of these human nightmares sound like they make it their life’s work to get cut off, while some of the other ne’er do wells seem like they might have just had a bad night. Whatever the case, you don’t want to follow in the footsteps of these characters.

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    Every Bar Needs An MMA Guy To Just Hang Out

    While working in what sounds like a truly abysmal pub, a Redditor had to deal with a client who didn't want to be served by a woman. He had a fit and then threw a drink on her, all before some random MMA guy showed up and out tough-guyed him.  

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    Let's Get Ready To Rumble

    One Redditor served a guy 7(!) vodka cranberries, and two full steak dinners before getting into the shortest fist fight known man and only getting $70 of a $200+ bill. 

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    Football Fans Love Breaking Hands

    We have true empathy for people that work at sports bars. First of all you have to talk sports all day, and then when things don't go well for your team your customers turn into goblins. The Redditor PulseAmplifiction had a run in with a 6', 250 pound customer who got real belligerent, real fast. When the bartender told him that he was 86'd the guy threatened to break the bartenders hands. Luckily, a mysterious Chuck Norris figure was in the bar killing time and knocked the guy out in one punch. 

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    What's the Difference Between Michelob Light And Michelob Ultra?

    Redditor Steebs recounted an evening where a super drunk guy had too many Michelob Ultras at an Outback Steakhouse, and when he was rung up for Michelob Lights, he threw his mug at the bartender like a complete monster. To add it the insult, the guy had to be carried out by 5'4 barback who slammed his face into an emergency exit

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