Bartenders Are Sharing The Strangest Things They've Overheard From Customers

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Bartenders have the incredible ability to not only make great drinks, but spark fun and interesting conversations with customers. They make drinks for countless people each week, but some customer stories really stand out. u/xXSlimi_Gacha009 asked: "Bartenders of reddit, what was the weirdest/craziest thing you have overheard while making someone's drink?" and their answers had us closing out the tab.

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    A Favorite Regular

    From Reddit user u/Liquid_Chef:

    My favorite regular - like came in every day - was a retired anesthesiologist who also opened & sold a practice. He was legit rich. He was also in his late 60’s & ugly as sin. He spent a lot of time in Europe. He literally went every month & spent crazy money taking people on vacations / gifts etc. one day he brought in 3 jewelry boxes with bracelets in each. One Sapphire, one Emerald & a Diamond Tennis bracelet. He asked me to pick out which to give to whom I went ahead & helped. Now he always drank 2 IPA drafts & never ever left a tip - literally not once. That day, I didn’t notice him leave after he squared his tab, it was kinda busy. He left the Emerald bracelet box on top of his bill & he wrote - “For always listening without judgement, thanks for the last tip, here’s yours”. He passed away on his trip, he had pancreatic cancer & didn’t tell anyone. I went to his funeral services wearing the bracelet. I’ve not worn it since but I have it & the bill in my “treasure” box in my closet. I had it appraised, it wasn’t that expensive which made me laugh my *ss of. I miss you Dennis, I hope you’re at peace.

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    Watching A Couple Break Up

    From Reddit user u/sxeoompaloompa:

    My most awkward to this day though was a couple who literally followed me from one bar to the next when I changed jobs, and then asked me to watch their dog for a sec while they went outside....turns out they were breaking up after 10 years together. I still saw them each after that, but never on the same day. Like they decided ahead of time who got me when.

    Reddit user u/JellyUniverse replied:

    “My ex said its my turn to go to the bar now."

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    'Ruining' A Pair Of Pants

    From Reddit user u/black_eyed_bees:

    Had a customer complain that we ruined their "new $100 pair of pants" by getting bleach on them. We do add bleach to our sanitizer since the beginning of the pandemic, but it's like a 1:1,000 ratio. She continually called and emailed about how they already ordered a new pair and we will reimburse her. She showed up a couple days later with the pants, that they hadn't even washed yet because they "didn't want to make it worse." Our sweet day bartender noticed it was not the usual color of bleached jeans, grabbed a pen, scraped at the spot, and whatever little bit of sauce she had dropped on their pants that day chipped away. She left with the pants and we haven't seen her since. Favorite outcome to a wild situation.

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    Repossessing A Ferris Wheel

    From Reddit user u/shutuphobbes:

    A married couple in their fifties arguing how they were going to explain the fact they couldn't pay the remainder of the 3 million euro bill for a Ferris wheel they'd ordered 18 months ago, already put a million deposit on, and who's collection was due at 8am the following morning.

    Reddit user u/Mr_Unknown_69_ replied:

    That is a story I want to hear from them directly.

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    Bringing A Kid To The Bar

    From Reddit user u/WhereTheWildflowersR:

    I once had to ask a woman to remove her infant from the bar top. She put them on the floor.

    Reddit user u/WhenThatBotlinePing replied:

    I worked at a punk rock bar for a bit years ago. One brunch this dude comes in with two young kids, and sits down to order brunch. We tried to warn him away, but he was adamant on staying. He complained when “F*ck the Pain Away” by Peaches came on the jukebox. Like...

    “I’m here with my kids! This is inappropriate!”

    Yes, where do you think you are right now?

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    Didn't Spill A Drop

    From Reddit user u/Turniphead92:

    Was tending bar at my local pub, loads of old boys used to come in and get properly razzled. One day, I am polishing glasses and they'd been day drinking and it was around 7 pm. I hear this almighty crash and turn around, one of them has fallen off their bar stool. Total silence, then one guy just loudly declares.. "DIDN'T SPILL A DROP." The whole pub erupts with laughter, guy who fell off still stands up, tips his hat, and went home. Came back the next day and was just like "bloody hell, never trying to keep up with them again."

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