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Some Artists Drew All Of 'Akira' With 'The Simpsons' Characters, And It's Amazing

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Two equally influential animated series - Akira and The Simpsons - come together in an fantastic feat of fan art: Bartkira. Created through the efforts of more than 700 artists across the globe, Bartkira places characters from The Simpsons into the world of Akira. Bart Simpson plays the protagonist, Kaneda, while his best friend, Milhouse Van Houten, plays the role of the mad psychic, Tetsuo. The titular Akira gets embodied by none other than Ralph Wiggum. Like Pokémon/Simpson mashup artBartkira blends two distinct styles of animation to create a wonderfully bizarre yet faithful adaptation, one that highlights the techniques and quirks of both worlds.

Bartkira stems from the mind of artist Ryan Humphrey, who created the crossover for the Simpsons Drawing Club, a Tumblr of Simpsons fan art. Available on the Bartkira website, the whole comic faithfully and humorously recreates Akira's glory using Springfield's finest. Created from 2013-2017, Bartkira is worth checking out if you're a fan of either medium or simply crave an entertaining story that includes science fiction, rebellion, and postmodernism.

Wait until you see who Homer Simpson plays in Bartkira...

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    Bart On His Bike

    Photo: MegaLoveluck / Bartkira

    A promotional image featuring Bart (Kaneda) riding his Akira equivalent's famed bike in the Simpsons' renowned living room.

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    Milhouse Loses His Arm

    Photo: Adam Norfolk / Bartkira Vol. II

    When Principal Skinner (the Colonel) attempts to destroy both Milhouse (Tetsuo) and Ralph (Akira) using the Satellite Orbital Laser, he misses, only managing to sever Milhouse's arm. 

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    Ralph And Milhouse Join Forces

    Photo: Cameron Stewart / Bartkira Vol. III

    Milhouse (Tetsuo) approaches Ralph (Akira) after the psychic child destroys Springfield (Neo-Tokyo) for the second time.

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    Milhouse Unleashes Ralph

    Milhouse (Tetsuo) desperately wants to know the source of the power he senses, a power which resembles his own. He finally meets it face-to-face when he releases Ralph (Akira) from his cryogenic prison beneath Springfield's (Neo-Tokyo's) Duff Stadium (Olympic Stadium).

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