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The Best Team and Ballpark Traditions in the MLB

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From racing anthropomorphic sausages to the deafening sound of cowbells, there are plenty of oddly specific traditions in the world of baseball. Make sure to commit some John Denver to memory before attending an Orioles game and be prepared for the boisterous presence of the "Bleacher Creatures" if you happen to catch a game at Yankee Stadium. These old traditions in baseball often have origins that have been lost with time, or ones so shrouded in local legend it's hard to untangle fact from fiction. However, you'll find rabid sports fans don't particularly care about the backstory. Sports can give people a sense they're part of a world bigger and older than themselves, and these baseball team rituals feed into that. 

Some funny rituals in baseball make complete sense. Given the Washington Nationals play their home games in D.C., of course they would have a Presidents Race featuring caricature blow up heads of the nation’s former presidents. It also makes perfect sense that the song “New York, New York” is played at the end of every New York Yankees home game. But what on earth does the song "Thunderstruck" have to do with the White Sox? And why is a plush monkey necessary to cheer on the Angels? We may never know for sure, but - in some ways - it doesn't really matter if it makes the fans happy. 

You can read up on these and other weird baseball traditions below. Vote your favorite rituals to the top of the list! 

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