Baseball The All-Time Greatest Baseball Stadiums For Foodies, According To Hardcore Baseball Fans  

Mick Jacobs

America's favorite pastime also comes with a lot of downtime, giving you plenty of occasions to stretch your legs and visit the concession stand. Some baseball stadiums have better food selections than others, and the very best stadiums to eat at appear in the video below.

The baseball fields with the best food completely switch up the standard stadium fare. At these stadiums, you get more than just your standard hotdog and/or pretzel. Tater tot nachos? Sure!

Before you start thinking this luxury remains exclusive to famous athletic centers like Dodger Stadium or Fenway Park, think again. The very best baseball foods actually come from stadiums you never hear much about unless they're right next door.

Watch the video below to get an idea of just what you miss out on when you don't see games at certain stadiums. Forget peanuts and cracker jacks; the people want pork rinds with queso and deep-dish pizza.