Are These Horror Movies Really "Based On A True Story"?

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Based on a true story. It's a tagline sure to attract curious viewers to any movie making the claim, but horror movies supposedly based on true stories are especially compelling. The idea that creepy and unexplainable events are happening all around us, and that real people have to live through such terrifying traumas, are unspeakably compelling. Sadly, however, the truth can sometimes get lost in creative interpretation.

So, while some classic movies may declare otherwise, these horror films claiming to be true are, in reality, stretching the real stories to fit a certain narrative. In many cases, events have been greatly embellished to create a more chilling and powerful story. In other instances, the movies are based on outright fabrications, and are basically entirely fictional. Hollywood is Hollywood after all, and making up exciting stories is what they do best. Let's explore a few horror films that aren't based on true stories... despite what the filmmakers might claim.

Photo: The Exorcist/Warner Bros.