Ranking the 50+ Most Basic Bitch Names for Girls

Ordering a pumpkin spice latte is basically a nightmare. No matter how many people are pretending to write their screenplays in your favorite coffee shop, there's always at least a handful of basic white girls in Ugg boots and yoga pants ordering their favorite treat. The problem? Each of these PSL-loving ladies has a basic bitch name, and it's impossible to tell them apart.  

We've all seen basic bitches roaming in the wild. They're the girls who absolutely love name brand products, and insist that there's nothing more groundbreaking than top 40 hits. Their favorite season is fall. They adore gluten-free mac 'n' cheese Pinterest recipes, cardio barre, and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City. They spend lots of time debating who in their friend group is "totally the Rachel Green," and you can't pry them away from their knock-off Louis Vuitton handbags, nor convince them to stop using #iwokeuplikethis as a hashtag on Instagram. 

If you can't tell if a girl is a basic bitch by her zip-up North Face vest or the cup of non-fat vanilla froyo she's carrying, just ask for her name. Chances are, it's one of the generic sorority girl names on this list. Vote up the most basic of all basic bitch names below.

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