Basic Bro Tattoos That Make Spotting Bros In The Wild Even Easier

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The basic bro - a male personality pandemic that shows no sign of slowing down - is easily spotted. These are the dudes spilling beer on you at concerts, yelling obscenities at baseball games, and whose online dating profiles only include bathroom mirror selfies and pictures of themselves in a tux from the one time they were a groomsman. A more physically defining feature of the basic bro is the basic bro tattoos they sport.

Basic bros' distinctive tats make them easy to spot. From barbed wire bands to tribal ink, these tattoos say to the world: I subscribe to Maxim magazine. Looking through these pictures of basic bro tattoos may provide some insight into whether you yourself are a member of the Broverse. So watch out; if you see any of this ink, you're looking at a basic bro. 

Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License