Video Games All Basic Bros Love

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All the chillest bros out there know that certain video games typify what it means to be a bro. Haters might know these swole titles as the video games everyone loves to hate, but that's likely because they suck too hard to smash on that PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds Chicken Dinner. If these haters (read: losers) could just learn to get good, maybe they'd stop getting no-scoped and start dominating the CoD leaderboards. 

While anyone can enjoy any game, it often seems as though bros can only respect a select few titles (usually ones that involve sports, guns, and dominating other players online). Some of the best-selling video games of all time appeal to the most discriminating of bros, with franchises like Madden and Mortal Kombat dating back to the days of the Dreamcast and the SNES. Despite what anyone says, many of these basic bro video games live up to their hype, and are the perfect endcap for a night of binge-drinking and bro debauchery. 

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