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Graveyard Shift
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The Strange And Twisted Tale Of Bat Boy, America’s Most Infamous 'Real' Monster

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In the early '90s, the World Wide Web hadn't yet swept the world up in an Internet frenzy. People didn't have smartphones, and they didn't have Netflix. What they did have, though, was the checkout aisle at the grocery store. And it was in this aisle that young kids forced to grocery shop with their parents sat in their shopping carts and starred longingly at the bubble gum, tic-tacs, and - of course - the face of Bat Boy, the Weekly World News phenomenon. It was the check out aisle where people learned all they needed to know about nutrition, celebrity, and important scientific discoveries like the Bat Boy of West Virginia.

However, many of us may not have realized that the terrifying face of Bat Boy would follow us throughout the rest of our lives - that Bat Boy would live a defiant but accomplished life that many millennials would not even dream to be possible for a sharp-toothed, pointy-eared, inbred bat creation, and maybe, that was the point.

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