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15 Bathroom Life Hacks You Need To Know To Make Your Routine More Efficient

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Do you ever think that your bathroom could be cleaner? Do you need ideas to declutter? From small, useful tips to whole routines you can add to your daily life, these hacks and tips will make your next trip to the bathroom way more efficient. 

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    Keep A Cleaning Schedule

     From Redditor /u/lia_sang

    Do a little each day. Clean your mirrors and sink Monday, scrub the toilet Tuesday, bathtub Wednesday, countertops Thursdays, skip Fridays, clean up vomit Saturday, and do the linens on Sundays!

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    Your New Bathroom Commandments

    From Redditor /u/letsgetrandy

    Sounds obvious, but de-clutter. Don't keep knick-knacks on the back of the toilet, don't leave items out on the counter-top, don't use those fluffy toilet-seat covers, etc. Fewer things sitting out means fewer things to clean, to move, to get in your way. With all your surfaces exposed and de-cluttered, the task goes pretty easily.

    I find that cleaning is much easier and faster when you just do it inline as part of whatever you're normally doing. For example:

    I keep a scrubbing sponge on the end of the tub, and periodically, after starting my shower, I'll scrub out the tub before soaping to clean myself.

    Whenever I wash up, shave, brush my teeth, etc, I take 30 seconds to wipe down the sink and countertop after I'm done.

    With the room still steamed up, and after I have toweled off from my shower, I toss my towel on the floor and use it to do a quick mop-up. (Not every day, but after a few days, when it's time to change the towels.)

    We men who stand when we pee can see all the dust or dirt that collects on visible areas of the toilet, so occasionally, before I flush, I just grab a couple of squares of TP and wipe those visible surfaces to keep things fresh.

    With these things built into my routine, there's really never very much work to do for cleaning. Maybe once every week or two it's good to take the spray bleach to the toilet and get all the areas that aren't so obvious, and then grab some Windex and do up the mirrors and chrome fixtures. All in all, this is only about 5 minutes of work since everything else is already done.

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    30 Seconds A Day To Keep The Mold Away

    From Redditor /u/Zamphir777

    Zep tub and tile cleaner really works, but it really has a strong chemical smell. The easiest thing to do is keep an extra towel in the bathroom and quickly dry it after use. Takes 30 seconds a day.

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    Better Safe Than Sorry

    From Redditor /u/crimenently

    Keep a toilet plunger handy and where a guest can see it. It can save everybody some embarrassment.

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