Pet Peeves Everyone Who's Shared a Bathroom Will Understand

Cohabitating with a loved one can be great! At its best, you get to wake up to a person you love and share the most intimate of situations together. At its worst, your significant other slowly begins to hate you because of your terrible bathroom rituals and behavior. Whether you’re in a shared bathroom situation with a group of roommates, or you’ve made the big leap and moved in with your boyfriend or girlfriend – there’s something that you do in the bathroom that p*sses your roommate off.

And don’t think that we’re just talking about guys in this scenario. Everyone has a weird habit or bathroom quirk that totally wrecks the solitary bathroom experience for someone else. Whatever terrible thing it is that you do, you’ll find it on this list of bathroom pet peeves. After reading through this list of annoying bathroom habits, it will almost seem like it’s worth it to just start renting two bathroom apartments for the rest of your life. Or, if you’re in the 1%, buying houses that are made up of nothing but bathrooms. Except for the kitchen, because that’s too gross to think about.

The bathroom pet peeves on this list aren’t meant to call anyone out (although, dudes should probably step up their bathroom etiquette), we just wanted to help usher in a new era of bathroom cleanliness. Vote on your biggest bathroom pet peeve, and if you do any of the stuff on this list, maybe it’s time to rethink your living situation.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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  • 1
    252 votes

    He Thinks Fairies Magically Clean the Toilet Bowl

  • 2
    275 votes

    When He Shaves, His Hair Is Everywhere

  • 3
    228 votes

    He Doesn't Seem to Be Able to Aim at the Toilet

  • 4
    219 votes

    Dudes, Learn to Flush

  • 5
    198 votes

    He Stinks up the Room

  • 6
    225 votes

    Her Hair Is Constantly Clogging the Drain