Weirdly Interesting These German Twins Turned Their Bathtub Into A Flying Drone  

Rebecca High

Who knew a bathtub would come in handy for anything more than a romantic rosewater soak or to hold dirty clothes you're too lazy to launder? Some German twins are stretching their tub to the limits, though, and this delightful video showcases their innovation and exploits.

First, the twins rigged a motor to their tub and in true Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang style, attempted to turn it into a submarine. It makes sense, considering the thing should be halfway waterproof already, but the project's success was less than astounding. 

Apparently taking inspiration from Transformers, they then turned it into a snowmobile, which actually looked pretty cool.

But their biggest success, surprisingly, came from what seems like it might be the most challenging to pull off: a heli-tub, rigged with a big drone. These unmanned aircraft are already taking over the world — watch this video to see how the drone-tub combo worked!