The Best Versions of Alfred in Batman History

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With the 2016 release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the world will meet Batman's stalwart butler, confidant, surrogate parent, legal guardian, surgeon, quartermaster, and friend, Alfred Pennyworth, again for the first time. Jeremy Irons will take up the role alongside Ben Affleck. As Batman has changed over the years, so has Alfred. He's been portrayed in theatrical films, made-for-TV movies, television serials, live-action television shows, animated television shows, comics galore, video games, toys, and wherever else the Batman mythos has reached. The only thing he hasn't done is be the star of his own property, but even that could be on the horizon.

His origins, or more accurately, how he came to be of service to Bruce Wayne and what exactly he did before that, are an ever-changing landscape. Some versions have a military background, some portray the Wayne Manor butlership as a hereditary inheritance, and in some cases, Alfred came to the Waynes after a career in acting. His skill set seems to swell to fit the occasion to the point where he's even thrown on the cape and cowl and masqueraded as the Caped Crusader himself! Which are the best Alfred portrayals? This list of Alfreds needs your votes!

Who's the best Alfred from Batman? There's an Alfred for all tastes, so it's time to weigh in on this list of the best Alfreds in Batman history and tell everyone which Alfred you think is the best!

  • Michael Caine brought a Cockney accent and tough love to the role of Alfred for Christopher Nolan's three Dark Knight films. His Alfred has one of the broader arcs as he goes from being whimsically amused in Batman Begins to genuinely anti-Batman (no longer approving of the risks) by the middle of The Dark Knight Rises. Also, he's Michael freaking Caine, so you get the charming British humor and the Get Carter toughness all rolled into one.
  • Alastair Duncan in The Batman
    Photo: The WB

    Alastair Duncan in The Batman

    The Batman threw out all the chronology of Batman: The Animated Series and started over. A side effect was giving Alfred a bigger role. This version had the same bald and mustachioed look, but came with a historical mad-on for the Cobblepot family and by extension, The Penguin.
  • New 52 Alfred from DC Comics
    Photo: DC Comics

    New 52 Alfred from DC Comics

    The Alfred of the New 52 is the current Alfred of the comics unless DC has re-re-re-rebooted its universe since the time of writing, which is altogether likely. He looks a lot like his Pre-New-52-Post-Crisis predecessor, but has a daughter named Julia who is being pushed as a leading character. He followed in his father's footsteps to be butler to the Wayne family.
  • Sean Pertwee in Gotham
    Photo: Gotham
    Sean Pertwee is a gritty Alfred for a goofy prequel. He's not just Bruce Wayne's legal guardian, he's his combat trainer and quartermaster with an insight into Gotham's organized crime landscape. Gotham gonna Gotham.