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'Batman & Robin' Was A Much Bigger Behind-The-Scenes Nightmare Than You Ever Realized

Updated 20 Apr 2020 2.7m views15 items

Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin stood on thin ice from the moment it entered theaters. No wonder it's long been considered one of the worst movies ever made. From the wooden acting to the bonkers set design, the film is regarded as a wall-to-wall mess. But as bad as the film is perceived, everything going on behind the scenes of Batman & Robin was even crazier. The ridiculous stories from the set of Batman & Robin showcase what it takes to run a beloved property into the ground. 

When Schumacher made Batman Forever, he wasn't able to match the cool of the first two Tim Burton films, but he made something watchable, with style all its own. (Even if the two A-list villains didn't exactly get along.) With Batman & Robin, the director was working under massive time constraints and with some of the worst superhero performances ever recorded. It’s no wonder this is considered the worst Batman movie ever made.

If you repressed all memory of this big budget stinker, it's time to learn what made the filming of Batman & Robin such a nightmare.

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