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Inside The Psychosexual Relationship Between Superman And Batman

If the only available insight into Batman and Superman's relationship comes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, they probably seem like little more than two body-building orphans. In reality, decades of comic book history have shaped their tumultuous and - some say - subtextually sexual relationship. Though this relationship is easy to miss if you're not looking for it, many claim Batman and Superman's attraction has been palpable from the moment they first locked eyes in 1952.

Though the two heroes were best friends throughout the World's Finest run of the Golden and Silver Ages, their relationship became strained in the '80s as superhero comics embraced increasingly darker themes. Mutual admiration and respect between the two Justice League founders became interwoven with distrust and ethical disagreements: Superman upholds the law to the letter, while Batman upholds justice itself. Bruce feels forced to set his own rules in a cruel, unfeeling world, while Kal-El feels indebted to a planet that has adopted and embraced him.

Batman is the darkness to Superman's light - two sides of the same coin. Those who perceive the on-page (and onscreen) tension between them claim they'd have a lot less to fight about if they'd just give in to their desires.