The Visual Evolution Of Batman's Batsuit

The Dark Knight has been patrolling the streets of Gotham for nearly a century, and his lust for detective work has never subsided. That's not to say that Bruce Wayne hasn't changed over the years, as the illustrious billionaire has gone through countless transformations throughout his publication history. Other members of the Wayne family have taken up the bat-mantel as well, donning their own creative costumes. As new artists and writers took a crack at the Caped Crusader, his visual style began to evolve as much as the character himself. 

Batman's batsuit evolution has been a slow but steady progression, and he's come a long way since his 1939 debut. He's gone through makeovers, reboots, and reinventions over the years, but ultimately, the man in the Batman suit always has the same mission - to protect Gotham. From his original costume to his modern batsuit, the timeline of Batman's visual transformation in the comics is both stunning and surprising. 

Photo: Detective Comics #27/DC Comics