Who Should Play The Other New Batman?

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Vote up the actors you'd most like to see play the Dark Knight in future DC movies.
Latest additions: Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Alan Ritchson
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Who can play Batman? Lots of actors can play Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, and a whole bunch have actually done so, from Adam West on through Michael "Big Mike" Keaton, Christian "Newsies" Bale, and even Ben "Beantown Bad Boy" Affleck. With Robert Pattinson playing the “Elseworlds” cinematic caped crusader in a sequel to The Batman, the re-burgeoning DCU needs another new Batman for films like The Brave and the Bold.

So who do you want to see starring as the other live-action Batman? Really, any handsome dude with a strong chin can fill out the cowl; it's really about what kind of Batman you want to see: a demon-voiced brooder like Bale's Bruce Wayne, a punch-drunk egomaniac like the Lego version brought to aural life by Will Arnett, or maybe even a flippant playboy like George Clooney's quippy and nipply crimefighter? Or maybe you want to bring back past batty boys for this new era?

Obviously nobody can hold a candle to Kevin Conroy, but vote up the actors you'd most like to see respond to the Batsignal in the DCU masterminded by James Gunn and peter Safran.

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