Quick, Batman Joke! What Is Batman's Favorite Fruit?

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Why do we like making Batman jokes? Is it because - despite the character being essentially something created for children - there’s a pervasive darkness that not only encapsulates the character, but has also managed to spread out through the rest of the canon? So much so that even the animated series feels darker than regular children’s programming? Or is it because the concept of a grown man and his younger friend running around in tights appeals to us in a childish and naïve way? Or maybe it’s just really easy to make bat-based puns. Whatever the reason, we’ve put together a list of our favorite jokes and puns based on our favorite caped crusader. And yes, these are the Batman jokes that you deserve, and need.

Batman jokes are strangely easy to execute. Maybe it’s because he not only named himself after one of the world's creepiest animals, but also after a sports utensil (that’s what we’re calling baseball bats now right? Sports utensils?). The funny Batman jokes on this list are not only silly and a little cute, but they’re readable for everyone in the family. So if you’re reading this with your kids, we hope you’re ready to hear these until the next Batman movie comes out. After all, some kids just want to watch the world laugh.

So take off your hockey pads and vote on your favorite jokes for Dark Knight fans. If you think you have a joke we haven’t heard, smear on your green hair dye and let it rip in the comments. Just beware that grade school Batman and Robin jokes may not make the grade.

  • What Happens When Batman Sees Catwoman?
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    What Happens When Batman Sees Catwoman?

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  • Batman & Robin Go Camping In The Desert
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    Batman & Robin Go Camping In The Desert

    After setting up their tent and falling asleep,  Batman wakes his faithful friend. “Robin, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.”
    Robin replies, “ I see millions of stars.”
    “What does that tell you?” asks Batman.
    Robin ponders for a minute.
    “Astronomically speaking, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets.
    Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo.
    Chronologically, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three.
    Theologically, it’s evident the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant.
    Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.
    What does it tell you, Batman?”
    Batman is silent for a moment, then speaks:
    “Robin, you idiot, someone has stolen our tent.”
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  • What Do You Call It When Batman Skips Church?
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    What Do You Call It When Batman Skips Church?

    Christian Bale
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  • When he's riding his Harley!
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  • What Position Did Bruce Wayne Play On His Baseball Team?
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    What Position Did Bruce Wayne Play On His Baseball Team?

    He was the bat boy. 
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  • 6
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    What's The Difference Between Batman & A Robber

    Batman can go into a store without robin!! 

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