Every Batsuit Ever Worn Onscreen, Ranked

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Batman is one of the most widely adapted characters in comic book cinema, and his batsuit changes with each new storyline. Though Bruce Wayne is the most notable man under the mask, the batsuit has been worn by several heroes in the comics. Of the 12 live-action adaptations, however, the best Batman movie costume is donned by Bruce Wayne himself. Though each iteration follows the same template, their designs reflect the times and filmmakers behind them. Who can forget Adam West's kooky, drawn-on eyebrows, the first gothic iteration worn by Michael Keaton, or the critically acclaimed Christian Bale suit worn in The Dark Knight Rises?

It should come as no surprise that of all the Batman movie suit comparisons, many of them rank among the least comfortable superhero suits in film - which might make it more impressive that these actors performed so well in their respective Batman suits. Ultimately, the best live action Batman suit should be judged regardless of the quality of the film or who is wearing it, and rather by the believability and practicality of the costume itself. 

  • 1. The 'Batman' (1989) Batsuit

    1,892 votes
  • 2. The 'Batman Begins' Batsuit

    1,614 votes
  • 3. The 'Dark Knight' Batsuit

    1,878 votes
  • 4. The 'Batman Returns' Batsuit

    1,573 votes
  • 5. The 'Dark Knight Rises' Batsuit

    1,652 votes
  • 6. The 'Batman V. Superman' Batsuit

    The 'Batman V. Superman' Batsuit
    Photo: Warner Bros.
    1,985 votes