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Forget The Joker - Why Bane Is Batman's True Arch Nemesis

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When most people are asked to name Batman’s greatest enemy, they default to the Joker - but the rivalry between Bane and Batman is way more deserving of the “archnemesis” tag. Though both villains have antagonized the Dark Knight plenty over the years, when it comes down to Bane vs. Joker, it’s really no contest. The man who broke the Bat wins every time.

Bruce Wayne is blessed with the best rogues’ gallery in all of comics, and most of his villains come with backstories every bit as sad as Batman’s. Only Bane, however, serves as a foil for the Caped Crusader in every regard. He’s a match for the Dark Knight physically, mentally, tactically, and even spiritually, and he’s the bad guy that most closely resembles the Batman. That’s reason enough to label Bane as Batman’s finest foe, but there is plenty more concrete evidence to support the notion.

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