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We Can't Help But Laugh At These Slanderous Batman Tweets

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Batman is one of DC comic's most beloved superheroes. Fans love Bruce Wayne because he's a hero without any actual superpowers, and he fights in the shadows as the ultimate vigilante. There's no doubt Batman is a great and deserving hero, but he may deserve some of the slander being thrown around on Twitter by user BatmanSlander

A trust fund baby with more than your average childhood trauma, Bruce Wayne is a white one-percenter who uses his wealth on mostly himself. This is unfortunate, considering Gotham is a cesspool of trash and crime. But hey, an invisible car is sick. 

Yes, these tweets are disrespectful and absolutely slanderous. Even though some aren't totally true, we can still have a laugh at the expense of Bruce Wayne. Vote up the slanderous tweets you can't help but laugh at.