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Jacob Shelton
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The one Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice secret that everyone knows is that the movie is one big setup for two Justice League films that are coming down the pipeline. In fact, the film is more interested in an overall DC cinematic universe setup than it is with having Batman and Superman duke it out. There is some kind of plot happening in the film, but the Justice League setup in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice is the driving focus of much of the almost three hour running time (!) of Zack Snyder’s new foray in superhero storytelling. If you’ve seen the film (or don’t care about having the entire thing spoiled for you) read on to learn about all of the Batman v. Superman Easter eggs and how they set up the soon-to-be-filming Justice League: Part One.

One of the big critical sticking points against Batman v. Superman is that Snyder rarely gives the film room to breathe, and instead packs it full of Easter eggs in order to expand the DC universe. Some people believe that this was done in a callous attempt to go toe to toe with Marvel’s world building in one movie rather than six (or more). While others believe that it’s simply Snyder being Synder and overstuffing the film to the breaking point. Honestly, it’s probably a little of both.

Take a gander at all of the set ups for Justice League in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and make sure to leave a comment if you caught anything that we missed.

Everyone Throwing Around the Term "Meta-Human"

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Marvel has mutants and DC has meta-humans, but it's rare that you hear anyone talk about the big MH outside of cagey scientists at S.T.A.R Labs. Well not in Batman v. Superman. At one point or another every main character says something like, "You mean the meta-human initiative?" or "We have to find more meta-humans." Zack Snyder showed rare restraint by not having Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman break out in song to do a whole number about who and just what constitutes a meta-human. 

Lex Luthor's Painting

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Much of the film is concerned with man vs. God, so much so that about 40% of the dialogue is just the actors saying "Man vs. God." But the point is really hammered home by a painting in Lex Luthor's office that portrays some very devilish angels coming from the sky to attack earth. This isn't just a summation of the film, but of the upcoming Justice League that will see someone (probably Darkseid, the Thanos of DC) coming to earth to crown himself King of Earth while killing everyone and scorching his symbol into the ground.

Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman is one of the saving graces of Batman v. Superman, and not just because she's the only woman who isn't damsel in distress. She is also, however, a big ol' plot device that helps the boys save the world while simultaneously fueling the flames of a Justice League movie. Aren't you just dying to pay $16.50 to see these three working together as a team again and again, but with even more friends?


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Cyborg spent most of his career as a peripheral member of the Justice League, but when DC retconned everything back around 201,0 he's been a heavy hitter, and it makes sense that they'd want him in the upcoming film. When we see Cyborg, he's just a screaming torso in a video, but by the time we get to the Justice League, hopefully he'll be more of the character, not just a Cronenbergian nightmare.