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What Your Favorite Batman Villain Says About You

Updated May 25, 2020 1.1k views14 items

Batman’s rogues' gallery is unlike any other. His well of crazy, color-coordinating villains runs deep; there are so many well known and underrated Batman villains each with their own abilities and gimmicks. Even if you’re a cursory Batman fan, you’re probably inherently drawn to one of his villains. 

The personality traits of the best Batman villains are so specific that if you say that you identify with more than a handful of these characters you’re either lying or an agent of chaos akin to the Joker. If you really want to get to know someone, you should find out who their favorite Batman villain is. No matter which character they pick you’ll have an immediate and innate understanding of them as a person. 

  • Two-Face
    Photo: DC Comics

    You can be indecisive, and hard to trust you. One part of you really wants to be a good friend, but you've got something inside of you that pushes you to be a complere jerk to everyone you know. You've never made a decision without consulting your friends, then the tarot, and then Yelp, but most of the time you have little follow through.

    When you finally decide on what you want to do - be it a road trip or robbing Gotham Trust and Loan of all their gold bars - you really lean into it. 

    • Appears In: Batman: The Animated Series, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman, The Dark Knight, Batman Forever
  • Poison Ivy
    Photo: DC Comics

    Just because you identify with Poison Ivy doesn't mean that you're into plants, but it does mean that you're into some super-specific thing that you think is a million times more interesting than anything else. Whether it's biology, acapella, or air conditioning repair, you'll go to extreme lengths to let everyone know that the thing you like is so much better than anything other thing.

    It's so great that you have a hobby, but can you pull back just a little bit?

    • Appears In: Batman & Robin
    • Powers & Abilities: Poison Emission, Chlorokinesis
  • Mr. Freeze
    Photo: DC Comics

    You've got so many walls built up around yourself - emotionally and maybe even physically - that it's hard to tell whether you're just a contemptible person, or if you're in pain and trying to be strong. Whatever the case you can rest assure that everyone is exhausted with your big mood. 

    You've definitely said, "I'm quitting social media" at least once in your life, and you even followed through with it for at least a week. 

    • Appears In: Batman & Robin
    • Powers & Abilities: Superhuman strength
  • Ra's al Ghul
    Photo: DC Comics

    Whether you're putting together a friend's birthday party or just getting happy hour drinks you're meticulous to the very end. Maybe you're plans take years, or decades even, to come together, but once the dominoes start falling down you can't help but let everyone know how much work you put into your scheme. 

    Like Ra's al Ghul, you're not one to let a setback or 50 put you down for the count. You see a loss as an excuse to learn something new and change your approach to whatever you're dealing with. 

    • Appears In: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman: Under the Red Hood, DC Universe
    • Powers & Abilities: Fencing, Martial arts, Immortality, Hand-to-hand combat, Alchemy