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What Your Favorite Batman Villain Says About You

Updated May 25, 2020 1.3k views14 items

Batman’s rogues' gallery is unlike any other. His well of crazy, color-coordinating villains runs deep; there are so many well known and underrated Batman villains each with their own abilities and gimmicks. Even if you’re a cursory Batman fan, you’re probably inherently drawn to one of his villains. 

The personality traits of the best Batman villains are so specific that if you say that you identify with more than a handful of these characters you’re either lying or an agent of chaos akin to the Joker. If you really want to get to know someone, you should find out who their favorite Batman villain is. No matter which character they pick you’ll have an immediate and innate understanding of them as a person. 

  • Photo: DC Comics

    You consider yourself: one of a kind, an individual, a stray dog chasing tires. You always aim to rebel against the norm. Regardless of the situation you're in you're aiming to cause some trouble. If everyone's ordering pizza you insist on adding pineapple. You wear red to a funeral.

    Even if you're not antagonistic, you're a contrarian to the core.

    • Appears In: Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Batman: The Animated Series, Fight Batman Fight!, Batman: New Times, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
  • Photo: DC Comics

    What's your deal? Are you good? Are you bad? Are you just a nihilist who plays everyone for your own well being? No one can read what's going on in your head, but everyone thinks you're cool. Just when people think they have you figured out you surprise them with a gift, or you clean their apartment. Somehow these small acts of kindness make up for bad news you truly are. 

    You've been known to start trouble just to have something to do on a boring day, and all of your tweets are subtweets. Despite all of this people are drawn to your inherent magneticism. 

    • Appears In: Maggie, Catwoman, Batman: New Times, Grayson, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
    • Powers & Abilities: Hand-to-hand combat, Empathy
  • Photo: DC Comics

    People may think you're kind of a jerk and a little bit of a creep, but they need you. you're actually a fairly well put together person, and you're organized.You may know the best and the cheapest places to get dinner, or you know a guy at the skating rink where your frenemy wants to have their birthday and it just so happens that they owe you a favor. 

    Hanging out with you always involves a bit of a devil's bargain as you don't do anything out of the kindness of your heart, but what you lack in empathy, you more than make up for in your ability to always be there - for better or for worse. 

    • Appears In: The Batman, The Batman vs. Dracula, Batman Returns, Alyas Batman en Robin, Batman
  • Photo: DC Comics

    You pride yourself on being one step ahead of everyone else, but you don't like to simply be aware of that knowledge, you have to tell everyone about it. There's no minor accomplishment in your life that goes without a post on social media accompanied by a text message and a celebratory round of drinks, which someone else is picking up - obviously. 

    You exhaust everyone when you constantly try to one up the people in your social circle with your knowledge of specific, minute details that you've commited to memory from Wikipedia or opinions on obscure subjects that have never required more than a passing thought. 

    • Appears In: Batman, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman, Batman Forever, DC Universe
    • Powers & Abilities: Eidetic memory