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15 Batman Villains And The Starting Pokémon They Would Choose

Updated September 15, 2017 78.1k views15 items

Imagine, if you will, a fictional universe in which Pokémon exist in Gotham City. Now, imagine that each Batman villain gets to pick a starting Pokémon. They won't necessarily be battling other Pokémon, but rather assisting the villains in their misdeeds.

Who would each Batman villain choose as their starting Pokémon? Don't think too hard about it, because the answers are here on this list. Read on to find out who characters like Poison Ivy, Bane, and even Hush would pick as their starting Pokémon.

  • Mr. Freeze Chooses Cloyster

    Photo: DC Comics/The Pokemon Company

    Mr. Freeze's most widely accepted origin story is that he was involved in a freak cryogenic accident while trying to find a cure for his terminally-ill wife, resulting in such a low body temperature that only a cryogenic suit can keep him alive.

    Cloyster is not only metaphorically similar to Mr. Freeze, in that it is also trapped in its shell, but Cloyster is also an ice Pokémon, capable of learning moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard. When Freeze meets Cloyster for the first time, he can't help but see a little bit of himself in the Bivalve Pokémon, and decides to take him along on his journey.

    • Bane Chooses Machamp

      Photo: DC Comics/The Pokemon Company

      Debuting in the Knightfall storyline, Bane is known above all for his exceptional physical strength. He is, after all, the only villain to ever break the Bat. For his starting Pokémon, Bane chooses Machamp, a Pokémon so powerful it is able to move a mountain with only one of its four arms.

      The problem is that Machamp is a brash Pokémon who rushes into battle without any forethought. This mentality is very contradictory to Bane's, a villain who once tactfully released Arkham's prisoners upon his arrival in Gotham, forcing Batman to tire himself out before confronting him head-on. However, with Bane's genius-level intellect, there is no doubt he could train Machamp to be more thoughtful, and follow his lead when it comes to battle tactics.

      • Catwoman Chooses Persian

        Photo: DC Comics/The Pokemon Company

        Selina Kyle has an obvious affinity for cats, and Persian is just too beautiful and deadly for her to pass up as a starting Pokémon. We've seen Catwoman use cats as spies or messengers in the past, but Persian is huge step up from an ordinary feline. It can detect prey from movement alone thanks to its thick whiskers, and Persian's lithe muscles give it the ability to walk silently. Sounds like the purr-fect companion for a burglary job — just don't try to steal the red jewel on its head, Selina!

        • Poison Ivy Chooses Victreebel

          Photo: DC Comics/The Pokemon Company

          If Poison Ivy could see the magnificent plant Pokémon Victreebel, she would instantly fall in love. Poison Ivy can manipulate foes and put them under a trance, and Victreebel lures in prey with sweet smells of aromatic honey, before swallowing them whole and dissolving their bodies into nothing, so it's a perfect match. If you thought Ivy was dangerous before, wait until she trains her Victreebell to level 100.