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The 25 Hottest Batman Villains Ever

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DC Comics has perfected the craft of creating intriguing female villains, arguably because their outlaws are often easy on the eyes. It's much more fun to read about Ivy's atrocities and Bane's back-breaking antics when writers are flaunting their characters' good looks. Although a few of Batman's rogues are infamous for their ugly mugs - Swamp Thing certainly could use a good grooming - some Dark Knight evildoers know how to turn on the charm. 

Whether depicted on television, in film, or throughout the comics, the hottest Batman villains are notoriously fun to see doing bad things. If you've ever found yourself crushing on Talia al Ghul or Mr. Freeze, you're certainly not alone; of the hottest DC supervillains Batman's enemies are at the top of the charts. 

  • Photo: Batman / DC Comics
    Lady Shiva is a fictional comic book character co-created by Dennis O'Neil and Ric Estrada and published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter. Over time, she has become more closely associated with Batman and related characters, both as an enemy and an ally. She is a martial arts grandmaster and one of the most skilled combatants in the entire DC Universe. She is an assassin-for-hire, who specializes in killing her targets with her bare hands....  more
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      Sasha Bordeaux is a fictional character in the DC Universe. She was at first primarily associated with Batman, and has subsequently evolved an association with Checkmate in two of its incarnations. She was created by Greg Rucka and Shawn Martinbrough, and first appeared in Detective Comics #751....  more
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        Copperhead is a DC Comics supervillain, he firstly appeared in The Brave and the Bold #78, June and was created by Bob Haney and Bob Brown....  more
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          Nyssa Raatko

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          Nyssa Raatko is a fictional character in DC Comics. She is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and the half-sister of Talia al Ghul....  more
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