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The Most Epic Fights Between Batman And Superman

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Whether they are the world's finest example of humanity and friendship or bitter rivals, Superman and Batman have thrown down quite a few times over the years. With Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice right around the corner, Ranker Comics has collected all of the toughest, bloodiest, and craziest fights between the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader. 

As the first two superheroes in the world, it hasn't been easy for these two to share the spotlight. One is a farm boy from another planet with every power in the world. The other is a rich playboy with no powers but all the gadgetry and know-how available. Superman and Batman could not be more opposite sites of the same coin. And even though both of these heroes fight for what's right, they have different ways of going about it. 

What happens when it's good vs. good? Choose your side and place your bets! Ranker Comics has listed the best tussles between these two powerhouses of superhero comics on this ranking of times Superman and Batman have gone toe to toe, mano y mano, and blow for blow.
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    The Dark Knight Returns

    The Dark Knight Returns was an instant classic when it was released in 1986. Comic fans immediately took to the darker, older Batman and loved his more extreme nature as compared to the then current interpretation of the character. Writer/artist Frank Miller's take on the Caped Crusader came to blows with President Reagan's new lap dog: Superman.

    A thinly veiled political commentary gave way to one of the most popular Superman vs. Batman fights of all time. Superman is able to all but kill Batman, but is caught off guard by a kryptonite arrow fired by Green Arrow. Batman then fakes a heart attack and his death. While at Wayne's funeral, Clark Kent hears Batman's heartbeat and knowingly winks at Robin. 

    The tone set in DKR influenced the grittier, modern turn comics would adopt in the late 1980s and through the 1990s which pitted the newer, darker characters against the colorful figures of established franchises.
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    The Batman/Superman Story, Part One and Two

    What makes the season five starter of The Batman interesting is that the fight between to two superheroes comes after they have started working together. Normally, when a storyline involves the two characters meeting for the first time, there is a throw down and later an understanding. 

    However, in The Batman/Superman Story Part One and Two, the heroes are already working together when Lex Luthor gets control of Poison Ivy's control gas and laces it with Kryptonite. It's then up to Batman and Robin to break Superman from the control of Luthor. 
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    World's Finest

    Taking place in 1997's Superman: The Animated Series, Superman and Batman only tussle briefly, but the real charm comes from how at odds Bruce and Clark are in their off hours. 

    After the two heroes first encounter one another and learn of each other's secret identities, it's Clark Kent's jealousy of the flirtatious Bruce Wayne and Lois at a meeting the next morning that causes the real tension. As these sort of things go, they eventually come to an understanding and work together to stop the Joker and Luthor. However, it's a great reminded of not only how different Batman and Superman are, but how different their alter egos are as well. 
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    Smallville: Detective is another example of how a quick conversation could save both of these guys a lot of anguish and the city about $700,000 in damages. 
    The fight, which takes place in the comic's 11th Season, finds Batman tracking a criminal to Metropolis (again) and Superman confused over the masked vigilante's actions (again). 

    The battle is actually reminiscent of the hallmark conflict in The Dark Knight Rises, in which Batman uses all manner of creative gadgetry while barely keeping up with the unbelievable power of Superman. 
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