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Batman is known by many names: the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the World’s Greatest Detective. But one very important one is his true identity: Bruce Wayne. We all know the story of Wayne and his unyielding drive for justice, but what happens when a man who honed his body and mind into the perfect tool to fight crime gets lonely? Well, he does what every red-blooded guy with a raging libido and “mommy issues” does…

He gets a girlfriend.

What kind of woman does it take to tame The Bat? Well, here’s a few of the more notable women that have romantically crossed paths with Bruce Wayne. Some of the names are no surprise for even the most casual reader and some fit more in the friend zone, but others may leave you wondering, “Is that what makes the Dark Knight rise?” 

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    (First appearance – Batman #1, Spring 1940)

    Ah yes, Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman. We’re all pretty familiar with the passionate on-and-off relationship Bruce has with the anti-hero and, quite possibly, the world’s greatest thief. I don’t feel the need to really get into her history with Bruce because, heck, we all pretty much know those two have playfully been in and out of each other’s lives for some time.

    However, I will mention that Bruce has shown a strong affection for Selina on pretty much every adaptation of the Batman franchise – from comics to animation to films. She really is the perfect woman for a crime-fighting superhero.

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    (First appearance – All Star Comics #8, December 1941)
    Now, we all know Wonder Woman, so there’s really no need to get too much into her own history. To make a long story short: she’s one of the mightiest beings in the DCU that has been kicking butt for over 70 years.
    Truthfully, I’m torn as to my decision in putting her on this list only because Diana and Bruce have had a long, respectful relationship in the pages of their own comics and as teammates in the Justice League of America. However, there are some hints in both the comics and JLA animated series that Bruce and Diana may have had a quick tryst in the past.
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    Talia al Ghul
    Photo: Warner Bros. Animation

    (First appearance – Detective Comics #441, May 1971)

    Talia has really been brought into the mainstream with the popular film The Dark Knight Rises, but in the DC comic universe, she has been a constant love interest popping up in Bruce’s life for some time.

    Talia is one of the few people that is on a relatively equal ground with Batman. Daughter of the criminal mastermind Ra's al Ghul, she is trained in all forms of martial arts and weapons, making her a formidable match. Yet unlike the more flirtatious and playful Selina Kyle, Talia is much more direct and serious with her intentions to be Bruce’s significant other. However, she is also known to flip from good to evil at much more regular intervals. 

    On a side note, Talia and Bruce have a son together: Damien Wayne. Although Bruce was unaware of Damien’s existence for some time, this does add another level to their relationship.
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    Silver St. Cloud

    Silver St. Cloud
    Photo: DC Comics

    (First appearance – Detective Comics #470, June 1977)

    Silver is a wealthy socialite in the Gotham jet-setting scene that strikes up a relationship with Bruce. Silver discovers Bruce’s secret and (after some time) accepts him for who he is. In fact, she pretty much gave him the green light to do his thing at night, while she enjoyed his company during the day – which is why Bruce decided to put a ring on it.

    Unfortunately, Silver was viciously murdered by the villain Onomatopoeia in front of Bruce’s eyes, destroying whatever chance Bruce had to truly enjoy a relationship with someone that was never going to interfere with his nightly missions.