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Behind the Scenes Facts About "Battle of the Bastards"

Updated 5 Nov 2019 16.8k views18 items
It’s SPOILER TIME!  How are you feeling about "Battle of the Bastards" and Season 6's epic battle scene? Pretty gnarly and grisly and the antithesis to the battle at Meereen which was very satisfying, right?
The stakes were high in the war for Winterfell and not just any director was going to do. HBO wanted Miguel Sapochnik. Sapochnik did such an amazing job with “Hardhome” in Season 5, he was asked back to tackle the two battles in episode nine of Season 6. As spectacular as the battle at Meereen was, it pales in comparison to shooting the Battle of the Bastards scene - there's a reason the episode wasn't called "Some Dragons in Meereen." The math tells the story. The scene took 25 days, 80 horses and riders, 65 stunt actors, seven principle actors, 600 crew members, four camera crews, 500 extras, and 160 tons of gravel to complete.
And although BoB was based on two epic battles between Hannibal and the Romans, the most memorable shot comes from an unscripted set of days of shooting because rain had erased the opportunity for the original vision. Jon’s re-rebirth moment, as he pushes to the surface of a sea of wildlings, was one of those pieces of magic that could win the series and director Sapochnik one of those little statues they give out every year.   
Just watching the "Battle of the Bastards" behind the scenes piece from HBO makes you feel, wet, cold, tired, and really angry at Ramsay Bolton with each watching. It also makes you appreciate just how hard the cast and crew work to make this show. The incredible attention to detail, the long hours of labor, and the farting during Jon’s lines (a horse did that, not Tormund), make this episode a stand-out in the series.
One of the things Kit Harington wants you to know about shooting the Battle of the Bastards scene is that he’s actually standing in front of those 40 charging horses. So don’t bum him out by saying it was CGI. Let’s look at some of the "Battle of the Bastards" Game of Thrones facts that’ll make you appreciate the episode even more.
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