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Battle of the Sexes Movie Quotes

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Battle of the Sexes movie quotes help tell the true story portrayed in the film about the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. The sports comedy-drama was directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris using a screenplay Simon Beaufoy wrote based on true events. Battle of the Sexes opened theatrically in the United States on September 22, 2017, and went on to earn Golden Globe Award nominations.

In Battle of the Sexes, Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) is the top women's tennis player in the world. Billie Jean also works tirelessly as an advocate for women's rights, including confronting Jack Kramer (Bill Pullman) about the fact that his tennis tournament pays the men's winner eight times what it pays the women's winner. 

Billie Jean is also frequently publicly taunted by one-time-top male tennis player Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) who repeatedly challenges her to a one-on-one match. Though Bobby is a generation older than Billie Jean, Bobby's chauvinist views proclaim that a man can beat a woman at any age. Finally, Billie Jean agrees to play Bobby though the two have different ideas of why. Bobby wants attention while Billie Jean wants to beat Bobby to help the women's rights movement. 

Battle of the Sexes was just one of several 2017 films which earned awards-season acclaim along with Roman J. Israel, Esq., Phantom Thread, Darkest Hour, and Molly's Game.  

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    I Had a Great Idea

    Video: YouTube

    Billie Jean King: Hello?
    Bobby Riggs: Eureka, Billie Jean! It’s Bobby Riggs. I had a great idea. Male chauvinist pig versus hairy legged feminist. You’re still a feminist, right?
    Billie Jean King: I’m a tennis player who happens to be a woman.
    Bobby Riggs: Don’t hang up! 
    Billie Jean King: And by the way, I shave my legs.

    Billie Jean King receives a late night call from Bobby Riggs in which he explains how they should play against one another. Billie Jean listens to the pitch, but isn't especially keen on how Bobby portrays her.

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    Most-Successful Female Player of All Time

    Video: YouTube

    TV Reporter: Billie Jean King, already a champion of women's rights, is now the most-successful female player of all time. 

    As the television reporter explains in this Battle of the Sexes movie quote, Billie Jean King is atop the world of women's tennis. This puts her in a unique position to use her platform to further advocate for women's rights.

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    Who Would Pick Up the Balls Otherwise?

    Video: YouTube

    Bobby Riggs: I am not saying that women don’t belong on the court. Who would pick up the balls otherwise?
    Billie Jean King: Oh, my God
    Gladys Heldman: There's not a single thing I don’t hate about Bobby Riggs.

    It's no secret that Bobby Riggs is a bit of a chauvinist as he flaunts it on television and in these Battle of the Sexes movie quotes. So it's no wonder that the women watching vehemently dislike him.

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    You Are Terrible Gamblers

    Video: YouTube

    Gamblers Anon Leader: Anyone else like to share? How about you in the back with the glasses, sir? 
    Bobby Riggs: My name's Bobby and I am an addict.
    Everyone: Hi, Bobby
    Bobby Riggs: You know, you folks aren’t here because you’re gamblers. You are here because you are terrible gamblers.
    Gamblers Anon Leader: Okay, Bobby
    Bobby Riggs: These folks don’t need to stop doing what they’re doing, they just need to get better at it. 
    Gamblers Anon Leader: Okay, alright, please.
    Bobby Riggs: Who’s dealing? Who’s in?

    When Bobby Riggs attends a Gamblers Anonymous meeting in these Battle of the Sexes movie quotes, he's invited to share by the group leader. That request is soon revoked when Bobby shares his thoughts in why the attendees are really there.

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