BBQ Hacks Every Grill Master Should Know

Briskets and burgers and rib racks, oh my! If you consider yourself a serious barbecue connoisseur, you'll want to make sure you've mastered all the tips on this barbecue hacks list. From cleaning the grill to marinating your meat, we're bringing you a summer cheat sheet filled with cooking tricks for your outdoor parties.

It all seems so simple, right? Get some meat and some coals, get the grill hot and throw some slabs on the rack. Boom. But if you're looking to master flavor and texture, there are tons of barbecue tips out there to help you become of a king of your craft. Impress your guests with crosshatch marks on their steaks, surprise your vegetarian friend with the perfect hot dog alternative, and even learn new ways to serve condiments by checking out the cooking hacks on this list. 

So if the time has come to pull the cover off your grill, be prepared to put these tricks to action. When it comes to mastering meat, you're the one holding the tongs! Grab your barbecue destiny by the patty and vote for the best barbecue trick found on this BBQ tips list!
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    Wait For Your Coals To Turn Gray

    You can't be impatient when it comes to cooking time. If you're using a charcoal grill, always wait for the coals to turn gray and have a little glow about them. Who really needs to be rushing through a BBQ, anyway?

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    Always Let The Meat Sit For A Few Minutes Before You Cut It

    If you want your meat to be the juiciest most delectable meat you've ever cooked, you should let it sit for about ten minutes before you cut into it. There is some very scientific reasoning behind all of this: when meat hits the heat, the liquid and juices rush toward the center, storing them there until you cut into it. If you want to let these juices internally marinate before cutting it open, let it sit first. 
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    Smoke Stuff

    Not quite sure what the differences are between smoking meat and barbecuing it? Smoking is a slow process that usually takes hours to cook. Smoking meat is a delicious alternative to barbecuing if you have the time and the means, and there are tons of fun ways to experiment with different wood chip flavors. There are plenty of relatively affordable smokers that are great for the beginner.
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    Clean The Grill With An Onion

    Cut an onion in half and you have yourself a DIY, environmentally conscious grill cleaner (that actually works really well). Poke the half with a fork or sharp object so you can use the onion like you would a bristle brush. Get your grill really hot to loosen the built-up grime, then start scrubbing (the sliced side of the onion should be face down). The onion will remove all residue and won’t leave the grill with any harsh chemical flavors.