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BBQ Hacks Every Grill Master Should Know

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Briskets and burgers and rib racks, oh my! If you consider yourself a serious barbecue connoisseur, you'll want to make sure you've mastered all the tips on this barbecue hacks list. From cleaning the grill to marinating your meat, we're bringing you a summer cheat sheet filled with cooking tricks for your outdoor parties.

It all seems so simple, right? Get some meat and some coals, get the grill hot and throw some slabs on the rack. Boom. But if you're looking to master flavor and texture, there are tons of barbecue tips out there to help you become of a king of your craft. Impress your guests with crosshatch marks on their steaks, surprise your vegetarian friend with the perfect hot dog alternative, and even learn new ways to serve condiments by checking out the cooking hacks on this list. 

So if the time has come to pull the cover off your grill, be prepared to put these tricks to action. When it comes to mastering meat, you're the one holding the tongs! Grab your barbecue destiny by the patty and vote for the best barbecue trick found on this BBQ tips list!
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    Take Your Meat Off Right Before It's Done

    Meat continues cooking after you take it off the grill - there's a lot of heat trapped inside those walls! Take your meat off the grill about a minute or two before you think it'd be done and you'll get the desired cook you were going for. A lot of people tend to pull the food off when it looks done and end up sad and disappointed when it turns tough or loses that pink color. 

    A good tip for knowing if your meat is cooked: if the meat comes off the grill easily, it's ready to go. If it sticks to the racks you want to keep it on longer. 
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    Marinate Your Meat With Beer

    Whether you're drinking it or using it as marinade, beer is to barbecuing what charcoal is to the grill - you simply can't have one without the other. Check out this garlic beer marinade or this beer-marinated skirt steak recipe for some ideas on how you can start using the magical elixir to enhance flavors. 
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  • Photo: Declan Rex d3c1an / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Only Flip The Meat Once

    According to Nicole Davenport, a Chopped Grill Master and co-owner of Whiskey Ranch BBQ, you should only flip your meat once. You may be subconsciously flipping because you've been overcome by the power of the tongs, but flipping repeatedly causes a lot of natural juices to fall off the meat. Cook one side fully then flip it over and let the other side do its thing. 
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  • Photo: Brian Chu / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.5

    Get Rid Of Your Gas Grill

    Jonny Garret from cracks a joke (that’s really accurate) comparing gas barbecue flavors to flavors created in the oven. Your food can still be delicious when cooked in a gas grill, but if you want to do BBQ right, you should trade in that gas grill for a charcoal one. While there’s more maintenance and upkeep with charcoal, you’re losing lots of classic barbecue flavor without one.
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