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BBQ Hacks Every Grill Master Should Know

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Briskets and burgers and rib racks, oh my! If you consider yourself a serious barbecue connoisseur, you'll want to make sure you've mastered all the tips on this barbecue hacks list. From cleaning the grill to marinating your meat, we're bringing you a summer cheat sheet filled with cooking tricks for your outdoor parties.

It all seems so simple, right? Get some meat and some coals, get the grill hot and throw some slabs on the rack. Boom. But if you're looking to master flavor and texture, there are tons of barbecue tips out there to help you become of a king of your craft. Impress your guests with crosshatch marks on their steaks, surprise your vegetarian friend with the perfect hot dog alternative, and even learn new ways to serve condiments by checking out the cooking hacks on this list. 

So if the time has come to pull the cover off your grill, be prepared to put these tricks to action. When it comes to mastering meat, you're the one holding the tongs! Grab your barbecue destiny by the patty and vote for the best barbecue trick found on this BBQ tips list!
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    Get Those Perfect Diamond-Shaped Grill Marks

    In order to get those aesthetically pleasing crisscross grill marks, says to think of the grill as a clock and angle your meat towards 10 o'clock. Cook the meat about half-way through then flip it and angle it towards 2 o'clock. Voila! Crisscross barbecue sauce. 
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    Oil Your Fish Well To Avoid Sticking

    Sure, you can cook fish super easily in a pan on the stove, but a little smokiness makes for that perfect rustic summer flavor. If you've cooked fish on the grill, you've probably had to painfully peel delicious fish meat off the rack. To avoid that, clean the grill really well before you get started. It's best to cook fish on the grill that still has the skin on it, so oil up the skin side and place that down on a super hot rack. Let it sit, covered in the grill, for several minutes. 
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    Serve Condiments In A Muffin Tray

    This awesome hosting hack will save you lots of clean up and it makes you look like quite the innovative BBQ connoisseur. 
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    Use A Paper Bag To Peel Fire Roasted Veggies

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    If you’ve ever fire roasted a vegetable, you know that peeling one of them is like trying to take off wet denim. To avoid stripping flavor, mangling your vegetable, and possibly throwing the steaming veggies at your guests, try this trick for peeling fire roasted veggies. All you need is a paper bag!
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