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People Are Paying Just Bananas Amounts Of Money For Those Old Beanie Babies You Probably Threw Away

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In the '90s, many people bought a few (or a few dozen) valuable Beanie Babies, but trashed them all years later. However, quite a few Beanie Babies are worth a staggering amount of money now. If you tossed out your old toy box, there may be a few rare Beanie Babies you wish you still had.

A lot of collectible toys from the '90s are worth some major coin these days. McDonald's and Burger King made some now-valuable toys, and millennial kids got super obsessed with Pokémon cards, but Beanie Babies epitomized the "gotta have it" collectibles craze. Toy brand TY would quickly discontinue popular models, encouraging collectors to hoard.

People are shelling out loads of cash for select high-value Beanie Babies. Take a look and see if you ever jammed one of these hot-commodity stuffed animals into a trash bag in your mom's attic. You might just end up richer than you think.

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    Mac The Retired Beanie Baby: $2,600

    Photo: Ebay

    Mac may have retired, but he still has the high asking price of $2,600.

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    Two Princess Diana Crystal Encrusted Bears: $12,000 Each

    Photo: Ebay

    Princess Diana Beanie Babies were released in 1997 to raise money for her Memorial Trust. Because they are limited edition, some believe they are worth upwards of $20,000 each. but Tycollector.com issued a warning that the rare bear really isn't worth much at all.

    Two crystal-encrusted versions of the bear, however, sold for $12,000 each in January 2020. Nordstrom in New York City sold the bears within 24 hours of TMZ drawing attention to them. Artist Dan Life put the bears up for sale. 

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    Weenie The Dog: $2,500

    Photo: Ebay

    Weenie is made with the rare original pellet filling, which provides a great plushy feeling. He sells for $2,500.

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    Puff The Magic Dragon: $1,750

    Photo: Ebay

    Puff has pale pink features and cute wings. Maybe that's why he costs $1,750.

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