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A list of Bear Grylls quotes. Here are the best quotes by Bear Grylls on various subjects. These descriptive professional Bear Grylls quotations cover the several units of time of his career, including famous quotes. These memorable quotations have become part of the collective conscience of Bear Grylls' contemporaries and will be remembered for generations.

Originally born as Edward Michael Grylls, Bear Grylls is a British adventurer, writer and television presenter. He is best known for his television series Man vs. Wild, known as Born Survivor in the UK. In July 2009, Grylls was appointed the youngest-ever Chief Scout (the head of the Scout Association in the UK) at the ageof 35. He's appeared on multiple late night shows and is known for going on adventures and stunts.

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If you risk nothing you gain nothing.

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I learnt another valuable lesson that night: listen to the quiet voice inside. Intuition is the noise of the mind.

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Fear is generally because we are not used to something — public speaking, speed, heights, etc. Take the time to get accustomed and overcome the fear with knowledge.

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Never depend on those luck moments – they are gifts – but instead always build your own back-up plan.

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Americans are cool, if you show just a chink of vulnerability, they respond so much. They'll pat you on the arm and say, 'Hey kid, you're all right'. Brits will respond but they are much more cynical

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I miss him still today: his long, whiskery eyebrows, his huge hands and hugs, his warmth, his prayers, his stories, but above all his shining example of how to live and how to die.

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I learned that it is OK to be scared — what matters is keeping going, hour after hour, day after day, night after night, until the three months are over and you are finally safe. You can’t afford to relax ever, which is hard, but I guess the journey is ultimately about how much you want it and how much cold and discomfort you can put up with.

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I remember collapsing to my knees and just crying and crying inside my mask as all those emotions from so long began to flow. Neil and myself, with our oxygen off, just hugged. It is an extraordinary place and you see the curvature of the earth at the edges and at 7.22am we watched as the dawn came up over all the land of Tibet 20,000 ft below.

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I loved climbing because of the freedom, and having time and space. I remember coming off Everest for the last time, thinking of Dad and wishing that he could have seen what I saw. He would have loved it.

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I mean, in the last few months alone, I've been pinned in a big set of white-water rapids, been bitten by an angry snake in a jungle, had a close escapewith a big mountain rockfall, narrowly avoided being eaten by a huge croc in the Australian swamps, and had to cut away from my main parachute and come down on my reserve, some five thousand feet above the Arctic plateau. When did all this craziness become my world? It's as if - almost accidentally - this madness had become my life. And don't get me wrong - I love it all. The game, though, now, is to hang on to that life. Every day is the most wonderful of blessings, and a gift that I never, ever take for granted. Oh, and as for the scars, broken bones, aching limbs and sore back? I consider them just gentle reminders that life is precious - and that maybe, just maybe, I am more fragile than I dare to admit.

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The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is so often just simply that little word - extra. And for me, I had always grown up with the belief that if someone succeeds it is because they are brilliant or talented or just better than me… and the more of these words I heard the smaller I always felt! But the truth is often very different… and for me to learn that ordinary me can achieve something extra-ordinary by giving that little bit extra, when everyone else gives up, meant the world to me and I really clung to it…