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The Horrifying Bearded Vulture Lives On A Diet Of Bones And Will Haunt You For The Rest of Your Life

Updated September 23, 2021 8.5k views12 items
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Few birds look more like a living dinosaur than the bearded vulture. With yellow and red eyes, rust-red feathers, and a massive figure, this bone-eating bird looks like the stuff of Jurassic Park nightmares. And in some ways, they are, but for more unsettling rather than dangerous reasons. For one thing, the birds scavenge upon not just carcasses, but ones dead long enough for the bones to dry out. Furthermore, even as young hatchlings, bearded vultures already engage in a survival of the fittest test between their own siblings, similar to the murderous shoebill bird.

But despite those horrifying bearded vulture facts, this species also boasts a number of fascinating qualities that set it apart from other avian breeds. And they're pretty intelligent animals too, as their eating habits allow them to leave their meals unattended for large amounts of time. Who's gonna go after a bunch of bones? The bearded vulture knows what it's doing, knows it's a bada**, and in the end, just wants to eat some bones.