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30 Bears Who Think They Are Humans  

Jo Swo
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Bears are some of the scariest animals to encounter in the wild. Can you imagine running into one of these animals, face-to-face, while hiking in the forest? No thank you to that. But bears aren't all gruff and grizzle. They can be fuzzy, fun-loving creatures who love to be mischievous and have some regular, old good times, too. This list of bear GIFs shows bears doing human things and includes bears of all types, from panda bears to polar bears. All these cute bears just want to have a good time, like any cool person does.

These amazing and almost too funny GIFs of bears acting like people will show you bears in a new light. It turns out they're people, too! Whether they're perfecting their dance moves, admiring the scenery, or are deep in thought, we've caught them when they didn't think we were looking and captured these cool bear dudes at their most human.

Are bears human? Maybe! Science might say differently, but the ursa minors and majors on this list certainly seem to have human traits. Even the cat treats a bear on this list with disdain. Sure sounds like the human experience. Upvote the funniest and most human bears in the GIFs below and next time a friendly bear waves at you, be sure to wave back!

Hula Hoopin' Like He Jus' Don't Care

Training for the Team Red Panda at the Bear Olympics

Carving out His Area for Tonight's Outdoor Concert

Nailing the Jazz Solo