The Most Beautiful Women Of The '60s

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This list features pretty 1960s models, actresses, singers, and stars who ruled the airwaves in the '60s. Many became pop culture icons for their sultry looks and alluring performances. Many of the women featured on the list have remained popular since the 1960s, and we continue to see them referenced in pop culture to this day. This was also the start of the James Bond franchise and you'll find more than one of the Bond Girls on this list.

Not all popular '60s celebs have gone on to such success in subsequent years. However, every one of these beautiful ladies featured on this list are memorable for their impact on the decade and, of course, for being hot. Marilyn Monroe is one of the famous 1960s blonde actresses. She is literally known for being one of the most beloved babes of the 60's. Other famou 60s actresses and 60s movie stars include Ursula Andress, Diana Rigg, and Sharon Tate.

These are the most beautiful women of the '60s. Who do you think the most attractive 1960s female celebrities are? Be sure to vote up your favorites from this list of attractive, famous women in the 60s. 

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