Makeup Looks That Are Indisputably Works Of Art

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When it comes to the coolest makeup looks, there exists the average everyday makeup job and then there exists certain techniques that take things to another level all together. Makeup typically exists to give you a stunning yet still standard-looking human face, but cool makeup art lets you transform yourself from person to living portrait. The most impressive makeup, such as radical makeup transformations, utilize a variety of different styles, products, and coloration to morph you from regular human to modern art form. Included here lie some of Instagram's best makeup artists, such as Alexa Meade, Lexie Lazear, and Dain Yoon who produce nothing short of makeup works of art.

These artists and others like them use makeup art to create everything from stunningly artistic optical illusions to some of the best makeup art ever seen, much of which draws inspiration from actual works of fine art. The looks below are some of the coolest makeup looks ever caught on film, some of which require a double take to get the full picture. This is the glow up, all grown up.