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These 'Beautiful Death' Posters For 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Are Profoundly Symbolic

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Any fan who follows online discussions of HBO's most popular series is no doubt familiar with Beautiful Death, a series of amazing death posters based on Game of Thrones. Artist Robert Ball rendered each episode of GoT into profoundly symbolic posters. Digging into a new piece of artwork each week has become a part of the show-watching process for many GoT fans, who often need bonus material to help cope with the show's wild plotlines.

The best Beautiful Death posters all have something in common: a deeper meaning. It's one thing to reproduce the emotion-packed scenes of GoT, but it's another to use the themes and symbolism already woven into the story to craft an authentic visual representation. Fans devastated by their favorite characters' tribulations can still appreciate the sheer beauty of this unique and consistent art series.