Beautiful Patterned Landscapes That Almost Don't Look Real

In this modern world of skyscrapers and city skylines, it's sometimes easy to forget exactly how beautiful nature can be. Here you'll find a collection of gorgeous reminders. Behold the natural beauty of some of the most beautiful patterned landscapes from around the world. These repeating landscapes feature man-made beauty and naturally occurring phenomena that you're sure to never forget. In a world that seems to be shrinking by the second as people all over the world become more and more connected, it's refreshing to find out that there are still some wonders to be discovered.

  • The Beautiful Natural Formations of the UK's Giant's Causeway

    Photo: kloppster / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
  • This Gorgeous Flower Floor In Brussels

  • The Hunza Terraces of Pakistan

    Photo: junaidrao / via flickr
  • A Terraced Rice Field During Water Season In YuanYang, China