Weird Nature Rare Footage of Snow Falling In Amsterdam Will Transport You To A Winter Wonderland  

Rebecca High

Amsterdam gets cold in winter, but it doesn't always get the gorgeous blanket of snow that this rare video by videographer Gosse Bouma captures falling gently over the city.

As if the city's bicycle and canal-laden charm wasn't enough, this slow-motion snowfall will either make you want to curl up in a blanket and watch it for the rest of winter, or pack your bags and move there immediately.

Of course, the Dutch are known for their affinity for coziness and comfort. One of the best words to say in Dutch is gezellig (heh-SELL-ick), which doesn't have an English equivalent but essentially means quiet, nice, cozy, or even time spent with loved ones, especially after an absence.

And it doesn't even need to be winter to enjoy this. So put this video on repeat, call a friend you haven't seen in a while, and bask in a little Dutch gezellig. It will be the most rejuvenating investment you make.